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How can Japan Home Centre offer a very low price with majority of it for only P88?

Products are sourced directly from suppliers and manufacturers and passed directly to the consumers. Middleman are crossed out from the equation which means no extra cost to you.


With such low prices, I feel that products have low quality.

Japan has been widely known for its uniqueness and quality. We work hand in hand with our Japanese counterpart to ensure the best quality at a given price.


What differentiates Japan Home Centre from other stores that sells at low price?

We sell branded Japanese products at very low price in contrast to others who sells low quality products at low price.


Why are not all items made from Japan?

The majority of our merchandise are directly imported from Japan. A vast majority of it are manufactured in other countries as labor and manufacturing expenses are cheaper overseas but this doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. Therefore, customers are ensured of the quality of every products they buy from us.


Why shop at Japan Home Centre?

If you’re an enthusiast for off price and knockout deals or kawaii and unique merchandise, then this is the place to be. You can practically find almost anything you need under this roof.


Where can we find your stores?

You can find us in most major malls. You can also use our Store Locator to see which branch is near you.

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