2004 marked the year where the highly competitive retail market was literally reshaped…with the market overflowing with either over priced merchandise or substandard quality merchandise, an opportunity for the need for a new concept that would provide the highest possible quality at lowest possible price was in dire need. Adding a touch of a different kind of shopping experience that focus on entertainment and customer satisfaction, Japan Home Centre (JHC) was born. Japan is well known throughout the world for their standards of quality. By bringing it directly to the consumers, JHC was able to meet both ends with low price for high quality merchandise. Each third party savings that JHC obtained in every purchase was passed directly to the consumers giving them the lowest possible price. By reinventing and redefining, the concept has grown and out grown the vision that even big retailers have followed their footsteps.There and then, Japan Home Centre became a word of mouth that every Filipinos are talking about. JHC has reintroduced Japanese craze into the market and since then changed the market trend. Unique in its very own sense, JHC has made it very Japanese yet very Filipino alike. Unlike others where value and quality finds it hard to meet their ends, JHC has met both standards in one roof and won the trust and confidence of consumers, making it the number one one-priced Japanese store and houseware chain in the country today.Having a wide range of merchandise from strong and dependable suppliers, each and every product passes through a series of quality control tests. From thousands of new merchandise, only a few hundred makes it to the shelves through careful selection every month. Our merchandising team are constantly on the lookout for good deals to pass directly to our consumers making it an everyday bargain at JHC. From needs to likes, JHC has developed a broad consumer line up ranging from children to the elderly. In such a short span of time, JHC has become a part of the everyday lives of the Filipino people from home, office and work place….practically everywhere.Embracing our “Check Us First!” slogan, we offer uniqueness, quality and best price, making us the destination of choice for many consumers leaving behind those who have followed our footsteps. By practically having almost everything, we highly encourage the consumers to check our store first for whatever they need before considering purchasing from others to get the best deal in the market.With its brand becoming synonymous to quality and value, JHC aims to touch the lives of each and every Filipino and to provide them a shopping experience where only Japan Home Centre can offer.



Japan Home Centre (JHC) traces its humble beginning in early 2004 where it introduced the first one-price Japanese store in the Philippines, a format more popularly known as hyaku-en shoppu or the Y100 store in Japan. But unlike the regular Y100 store, JHC offered branded quality products of greater value for only P88.00. It started as a section in one of the top hardware chain stores in the country at the beginning of 2004. Before the yearend, Japan Home Inc. was incorporated and opened its first fully and directly managed store at Market Market Mall, Bonifacio Global City where it received a very warm welcome from the public. From then on, within a span of one year, a total of fifteen (15) branches were opened within Metro Manila with its headquarters housed in an old 16,000sqft of office/warehouse supporting the branches.


On 2006, JHC expanded to the Mindanao Region where it opened its first branch at Cagayan De Oro. By the end of 2006, JHC has grown to forty six (46) branches nationwide. On that same year, its US counterpart was born, the American Bazaar.


By 2007, JHC partnered with the largest group in the country (SM Group) and opened its first ever store in store concept at SM Savemore Supermarket. On the same year, JHC was awarded by the Consumer’s Choice Award for Imported houseware for the National category.


By 2008, JHC continued its expansion outside Metro Manila. By then it has more than doubled its warehousing to more than 40,000sqft. By the end of the year, there were sixty nine (69) branches nationwide.


On 2009, JHC looks toward its social responsibility by taking part on the National Disability Week in cooperation with the Department of Health (Philippines) Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine by providing free assistive device for the disables.


By 2010, JHC is present in eighty (80) locations nationwide and continues to expand and provide good shopping experience for the consumers.


By 2011, JHC has reopened its expansion towards the Visayas and Mindanao Region. On July 2011, JHC opened its first Japan Home Wholesale Centre. With a shopping area of over 700 sqm, it is the largest one-priced JHC in the world. It offers a wider range of merchandise for both consumers and wholesalers with the benefit of special discount schemes for wholesale or bulk buyers. With its success, JHC intends to open more wholesale centre as part of its lateral expansion thus paving way for the organization and its partners’ unlimited growth potentials. By this time, JHC has increased its warehousing to over 80,000sqft and a fleet of over a dozen delivery trucks.On December 2011, JHC opened its first branch in Cebu, the center of trade and commerce in the Visayas Region with an area of over 500sqm. With the very warm welcome given by the Cebuanos, JHC is keen on expanding more in other areas of Visayas and Mindanao.


Continued its expansion and reached its 100 locations nationwide.


When it comes to quality, style, trend and value for money, Japan Home Centre is second to none in its line of business. Being the most successful One-priced Japanese chain store outside Japan, JHC has devoted its time and effort in developing and sourcing good quality products from reputable and dependable suppliers.


Guided by the company’s “Customer First” principle, JHC is committed to provide the best quality products and a first-class shopping experience to its customers. By bringing products directly from its source to the customer, we offer the best price in the market. The principle of listening and looking at things through the customer’s point of view has guided Japan Home towards its goal for excellence in products and in service.


“Better Selection of goods and Best Value thru Efficient Sourcing”Dynamic Merchandising is one of our key to success. Our strength lies on our strong merchandising strategy and our ever dynamic merchandising team making it possible for us to launch hundreds of new and unique imported “high quality” items every month to provide customers the thrill every time they visit the store. This unique approach that only JHC can offer makes shoppers keep coming back for more.Unlike others where anything goes into the shelves ending up with more worthless merchandise, ours passes through series of tests and thorough screening ending up with only the best of the best. Only hundreds of new items make it to the shelves every month from a wide selection of thousand new ones.Our system enables us to buy from various sources and maintain at least 10,000 varieties of good and trusted products at any given time with the commitment of buying only High Quality, Exclusive, Branded and Value products.Our team is composed of very dynamic and experienced merchandisers that source our products primarily from Japan. To further maintain our competitiveness, JHC has setup sourcing offices in Japan and Hong Kong that are fully dedicated for merchandising purposes.Thus, No other can offer a much Better Selection of Merchandise to the local market by selling Branded and High quality High value products other than JHC. With our expertise and skills, JHC is guaranteed to provide the best deal in town.“No Middle Man, Efficient System thus Lowest Selling Price”Operational Efficiencies has propelled JHC to be competitive in the market. By developing a totally unique approach to run its internal operation, it has perfected its system and work flow from its operation, merchandising, logistic and retail chain. This system allows the company to import thousands of item varieties monthly from foreign manufacturers directly to its store without the need of multiple middle agents in the most efficient manner using the least personnel and lowest inventory level in order to maintain its competitiveness in the long run. ““Fun and entertainment in Shopping create more Sales”Unique Shopping Environment that only JHC can provide. A single price point reduces the stress in shopping as consumers can foresee their budget when purchasing, thus providing convenience to the majority. Other pricing strategies include the buy one take one or 2/88 pricing on a regular basis, which in turn provides even more flexibility to their pockets. We offer trusted brand products, bulk packs or in bigger sizes as compared to other OEM products of similar concept.Aside from the price, its unique merchandise are guaranteed of best quality and value for the given price. Customers just couldn’t stop and wonder how big and many they can buy with their budget in JHC. The everyday savings and “Best Buys” they get from shopping provided a level of fun and entertainment that only JHC can give.“Branded products means Quality products”Branded products like no premium. Most of the products sold in all JHC retail chain are either exclusive products or popular brands. Its exclusive products are found nowhere else in the local market. In the past several years, JHC had signed several exclusive partnership agreements with major Japanese suppliers strengthening its product line. Most of the top Japanese suppliers have exclusive supply agreements with JHC.